About Me

C001 Julia_2Hi, my name is Julia.

I was born in South Africa and in 1992 I immigrated to the USA with my 2 teenage sons, Kevin and Bryan.  We settled in Los Angeles where, a few years later, I took sailing lessons and bought a little Catalina 22.  I then hunted for a sailing club to join.

Using the internet I made some wrong turns because firstly I landed up emailing a gross singles club that sounded more like a swap meat (deliberate misspelling), and secondly I unknowingly communicated with a lesbian club where “single female” designated a whole different scenario.  Finally I chanced on WSA and happily joined the Women’s Sailing Association, a group of women dedicated to sailing, racing, and (sailboat) cruising.

Actually, “coerced” into joining is probably the more accurate word.  When I called Lindalee, the club’s main organizer at the time, I thought I would start by checking their credentials.  I asked, Is this a single’s club?  And Lindalee said, No it’s a sailing club.  So then I asked, Is this a lesbian club?  And Lindalee said, No it’s a sailing club.  I said I wanted to join.

During our call Lindalee found out I was in IT and had been in computers all my life.  She said, “Does that mean you know what copy/paste means?”

I answered puzzled, “Yes”.

She swiftly followed up with, “Do you know what drag-and-drop means?”

A dubious “Yes” from me.

Lindalee whooped, “Oh, that’s wonderful! Our newsletter lady just moved to the East Coast and we need someone to take over.  Don’t go anywhere, I will organize everything”.

And the next thing I knew I was the Newest Member, Newsletter publisher, and Board Member all in one swift Lindalee move !

I enjoyed a number of years in WSA participating in all club activities, and happily working on the Board until finally elected Commodore – while I was away on extended vacation in the Mediterranean and unable to refute my nomination.

In Jan 2008 I traded my Catalina 22 for a 41ft Lauren William’s trimaran, with all the latest electronics and gear.  The most advanced technology on my Catalina had been a porta-potty so trading up was a significant move for me.

My new pride and joy is FASTALLEY – my beautiful trimaran.

To contact me, please email me at…..     juliabrown2605 @ gmail.com