The Lord works in mysterious ways!

My youngest son and I have been at odds and have not really communicated for nearly 5 years.
Consequently my three granddaughters have become strangers to me over the years.

Then 2 years ago I set out on this sailing odyssey. By this time I expected to be in the Panamanian San Blas islands. But I’m not. I’m stuck here in Mexico.

I kept being delayed and delayed. Throughout 2015 things would go wrong on the boat that stopped me from continuing forward, for a few weeks. Then I would fix or replace the part, move to the next city and marina, and get stopped a few more weeks with another breakdown or delay.

It was driving me crazy!!

Eventually last year I had been delayed a total of 4 months so I left the boat in MX for the heatwave of summer and returned to balmy CA.

Then at the beginning of this year, 2016, I figured I would return and keep on moving south since everything on the boat was supposedly operational.


When I returned to the boat I found that a multitude of little things were not working. As I troubleshooted and found the immediate issue, I would fix the problem or replace the part.

Then find the next problem, and replace the part.
And then the next problem, and replace with new.
And so it went.

By the end of January I figured the boat was now fully operational and I could continue south. However, I decided I would sit out in the anchorage for 2 or 3 weeks and just make sure that all the systems were working before moving on.

And they were. The solar panels were charging the brand new set of 5 batteries. The engine was running. All the electrics were working. The water maker was making water. It seemed that it was all systems go.
I could leave.

So I went to start the engine that day, and it wouldn’t start. I ran the batteries almost flat trying to get it to start. Nothing. A mechanic came out to the boat and the mechanism that heats the diesel glow plugs was not heating them. The mechanic messed around in the engine room for awhile and then said – try it now. And the engine kicked into life.

So I thought I would stay another 2 weeks and make sure that once again the engine started every time, on demand. It did.

So it was time to move on. I started the engine and headed for the marina to fill up with water and diesel – and the engine squeaked loudly all the way. The mechanic came and changed the belt. Back to the anchorage for another two week stay.

I figured by now nothing else could go wrong.

But obviously I was never meant to move on…. I opened the engine room hatch as I do every few days, just to inspect it and make sure that everything looks good. Then I spotted it – water in the compartment where no water should be. I tasted the water; it was salty so it wasn’t coming from my shower or fresh water tanks. I had a leak somewhere. A fellow boater helped me track it down and I repaired the hose.

And so there I sat for yet another two weeks. I was DETERMINED not to move on until the boat performed perfectly for at least 2 weeks!!

By this time, with all the delays, it is late March. And I’m still bobbing around in the anchorage.

Then the miracle happened.

My estranged son that I haven’t seen for years had booked a vacation cottage for a week in Mexico. And while they were all down on the beach he looked out at all the boats bobbing away in the bay, saw the trimaran and thought – “My mother is down in Mexico somewhere. I wonder if that’s her trimaran?”
And as my boat obligingly turned sideways, he recognized from its silhouette that it was indeed my boat.

So he rented a kayak and the next I heard was a loud thump on my hull. I dashed into the cockpit and saw a young man and a little girl in a kayak, hanging onto my boat! I thought they were in trouble.

It was my son with his little daughter, my youngest granddaughter. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The last time I saw her she was a baby.

What are the chances???
Mexico has literally thousands of miles of coastline. But we land up right across from each other.
I am delayed in this bay for months on end fixing one little thing after the other.
And he books a cottage right across from my boat??!
Talk about Divine intervention!

The rental house is behind the long white house on the beach  I am anchored DIRECTLY opposite my son's rental

The rental house is behind the long white house on the beach
I am anchored DIRECTLY opposite my son’s rental


He came back a few days later to collect me in the kayak and we paddled to a restaurant on the beach where I was reintroduced to my son’s family.

So if I hadn’t been delayed at every stop in 2015….
I wouldn’t have gotten stuck in Banderas Bay at the end of last year.

And If I hadn’t been delayed in the bay for weeks upon my return from CA….
Then I wouldn’t have been bobbing at anchor right outside the beach cottage that they rented.

And I wouldn’t have seen my son and his wife, and met my granddaughters again after so many years. They have all grown up so beautifully.

My son, me, and my 3 granddaughters

My son, me, and my 3 granddaughters

I thank God for His miracles. Life has a way of stitching together broken threads.

I wonder if now my boat will go for two weeks without a fault?!



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