2016 JAN – NYE

2016 New Year’s Eve

I have been so focused these past few weeks on getting the boat up and running again that I didn’t even notice Xmas come and go.

It is all just time slowly passing…..

And I have been here long enough so that my body clock is now in sync with the sun.

The sunset tonight was so glorious that for the first time I took a video…


as I turned 360° admiring the stunning colors carpeting the sky.

Usually the deep colors are clustered around the setting sun, but tonight the whole sky was a blaze with pinks and yellows and purples of light and dark hues. It was stunning.

I sat on deck for ages watching the sky as it slowly darkened around me to a deep navy, punctured by little diamonds of bright stars.

By 8:30pm I was in bed and soon after I was fast asleep.

Suddenly I was awoken by what I thought was a barrage of gunshots. I bolted out of bed and leapt into the cockpit where I was greeted by 5 different fireworks displays bursting and popping and fizzing all around the bay.

I forgot…. It was New Year’s Eve and I had a ringside seat!



There wasn’t even the slightest breath of wind and the sea was glassy flat. I stood on deck and tried to watch all 5 shows at once.

The brilliant ring of city lights curving all around the bay was contrasted against the calm black sea, with the brilliant flashes of fireworks like colored lights on a dazzling necklace.


Anchorage with surrounding bay

Anchorage with surrounding bay

First the stunning sunset.
Then the fabulous fireworks shows.
What a treat!!

Best wishes for 2016.
May it be a blessed year for all.




As my mother used to say… The pelican’s beak holds more than his belly can.

I have these 2 plastic snakes on my deck up front that works wonders for keeping birds – and bird poop – off my boat.
I even hear birds land at night, spot the snakes and give a loud sqwark as they rapidly take off again.

Clearly the pelican has no clue what a snake is, being a sea creature.



He discovered my boat 2 days ago and has decided that this is a cool hunting spot for him.
The thing is it is a good spot. Little fish about 6 inches long hide under my boat and when they come swarming out, the pelican just drops on them.
Lazy bird.

Smart bird.

The problem is that pelican poop dries as hard as cement, so I have had to chase him away  Pity  I was enjoying his company


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