WATER PUMP $360 (replacement parts) + $200 Labor

I noticed that my engine started running cold.  From San Diego to La Paz it ran at 180 degrees but on the trip over from La Paz to Mazatlan it started running at 160 degrees.

Apparently a diesel engine doesnt like to run cold, any more than it like to run overly hot.  So I got a mechanic in Mazatlan to take a look.  He found that when I had the entire engine overhauled a few years back, the mechanic did not also overhaul the water pump.

As I started the engine for the mechanic, water spat out in a constant stream.  When he took it apart, there were multiple things wrong with it, not the least of which was an almost shredded impeller.

Changed the two rear bearings
Replaced the rear shaft seal
Replaced the badly chewed impeller
Changed the engine oil too, 4.5 liters
Checked the gearbox oil- OK
Filled the fresh water tank
Checked the temp gauge wiring and cleaned it
Engine bilge pump cleaned and re-seated correctly
Checked that all fixes were recording correctly on the relevant engine gaugEs

I forgot to take a photo of my water pump.   This is a Isuzu waterpump - copyright autohaus.com

I forgot to take a photo of my water pump.  I think it looked like this??
This is a Isuzu waterpump – copyright autohausaz.com



During the Haha my dinghy broke loose and was swinging wildly when I came on Watch at midnight. I tied it down again so that it couldn’t move an inch, and the next day noticed that a cable was dragging behind the boat. The starboard stay on the davit had snapped under the enormous loads generated by the swinging dinghy. I brought the broken stay with me to the States and West Marine repaired it for me while I waited. They only charged me for the new turnbuckle.

When I returned to Mexico I re-connected the stay to the davit.



I needed an alarm clock to wake me if I was to singlehand my from La Paz to Mazatlan, since the trip covers multiple days and nights.

I needed a timer that I can set to wake me every 20 minutes. I tried a few in the stores and most of them, when the timer is up, they give a gentle “ping” – as though a single soft “Ping” is going to wake me at 4:00am if I doze off on Watch.

So I finally found a timer at Radio Shack that rings for a full minute! And loudly! Plus if you do sleep thru the LOUD ring, then it starts counting up again so that you can feel really Really REALLY guilty for oversleeping the timer by say 12 minutes!









Okay, these are not for Xmas nor for looks! Finding my boat in a crowded anchorage on a dark night, is an exercise in blind searching. I am hoping that having blue lights hanging from the flag line will help me identify my boat easily. And since the lights are solar powered, I can anchor, hang the lights, and forget them. At least, that is the theory.

UPDATE:  Well these lights worked well for about 3 months, but I had to throw them away in Banderas Bay as they light they gave off was barely visible from 3 feet away!



I am one of those people that is container crazy. Everything is stored in a box, as you can see from pictures of my boxes of spares.

And I extend this “boxing” of mine to everything. I have a labeler but lately the paper has been getting stuck inside the machine so I decided to buy a new labeling machine to replace the sticking one.


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