New flat screen TV

New flat screen TV


When I first bought the boat in Jan 2008 – Lord was it 6 years ago?! – I didn’t even think to test the Entertainment Center when doing the marine check.

Obviously I was remiss because the first time I tried the DVD player it gave me an “error reading disc” message. Irrespective of which DVD I put in, I always got the same error. Clearly the DVD player was kaput.

My 12 year old grandson came to visit and disappeared behind the console and emerged 15 minutes later with a movie showing on the small (old) TV. He had hooked the Playstation into the TV and had his favorite movie going in no time.

At once stage I tried the radio and it worked, kind of, once or twice and then never worked again.  The lights came on but the radio was not home.  Because I had the music on my iPhone and on my laptop, the fact that the radio did not work was no great hardship.

However, since I am in fix-it mode this year I decided the time had come to replace all those old gadgets. I bought a new flat screen TV with a much bigger screen size than the little fellow that came with the boat. I also bought a new DVD player and separate new radio with all the mod cons – takes iPhone plug-in, music on a USB thumb drive, Bluetooth enabled, and a whole lot of other functions that I don’t understand yet.

I decided to leave the old TV in place since it would work in other non-US countries. I also left the Playstation plugged into the old TV, so that the kids can play when they want to. I connected the new DVD player to the new flat screen TV. I connected the new radio into the boat’s central speaker system.

I have speakers in the large forward head, the central salon, and the aft cockpit. And I can route the music to some or all of the speakers, as desired.   The electrician that connected all the bits together says that the old radio and speaker wires were loose and came apart as he touched them, which is probably what fried the radio, he said.


DVD & CD/Radio – – – – – – – – >    $230

Splitter and cables – – – – – — – ->     $59

Flat screen TV – – – – – – – – – – – >   $245

TV wall mount full rotating – – >     $66

Labor – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – >  $100

TOTAL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>   $700


MY RANT !!!!! So the electrician that came to install the new electronics also lives on a boat.  So I think he will appreciate the foibles of living on something with a 1/2 inch skin.

When he first came to view the job and give me a quote, I explained that he couldn’t drill any deeper than “so” deep, and I show him the exact depth that he can drill.  And not a nanometer further, I impress on him.  I explain it over and over and over.  I show him the very fat screws that will be inserted to support the flat screen TV, and explain that they are an exact length and the hole must NOT go deeper in case the drill penetrates the mast well, or bouyancy tank behind the (gorgeous) wood panel.

He said he understood.

When he later came to actually do the install I again showed him the fat screws to support the TV and again explained that he MUST NOT DRILL deeper than the length of the screw, because he would penetrate the bouyancy tank or the mast well (I wasnt exactly sure which of those 2 was behind the wood panel).

He said he understood.  Absolutely.  He understood.  No problem.

Unknown to me, his LOW IQ is thinking – “I’ll show this stupid woman there is no water tank behind this wood panel”.

So he SINKS his drill into the wood and it goes in up to the hilt.

I SQUAWK!!!!!  “What have you done????”

He says smugly – “See I knew there wasn’t a water tank up there!  If there was then water would be poring out of this hole I just made!”.

“What water tank?”, I ask stunned and shocked at his absolute stupidity.

“You said if I went in deep I would penetrate the water tank.  And see, I didnt!”, he pointed out proudly.

“I SAID BOUYANCY TANK, YOU ASSHOLE!!!!!”, I yelled as I watched his moronic IQ slowly engage.

“Oh.  Whats that?”, he asked stupidly.

“The sealed airtight tank that keeps the boat afloat in the event the amas get holed at sea.  Every multi-hull has them!!  Unlike a monohull which sinks like a rock when holed, a multihull will continue to float – except this one won’t now because you just drilled a big F#$%ing hole thru the airtight tank!!”

So I hauled out the boat plans to assess the damage, and sure enough, Mr. Moron had drilled thru the bouyancy tank.

We plugged the hole with some silicone before continuing, but I know that it is just a slow leak waiting to happen.  I hope to heaven I never have to rely on that particular bouyancy tank to save my life!

You know, over the decades I have found that I have had to dumb myself down considerably when dealing with most people.  And as soon as you confront them with a Mensa IQ, people simply glaze over.  I have gotten used to that over the years, and can play dumb with the best of them when necessary.

But some men (especially men) can have the IQ of a frog and somehow they still think they are super smart and all knowing.  You know, like a hard-on is considered personal growth!  Truly,  there is a vas deferens between a man and a woman!  And God’s rough draft (man) cannot compare to the final perfected version (woman).

Silent prayer – Dear God, please grow some intelligent men; I would be immensely grateful.  Your humble servant, Julia.  Amen.

BEFORE:  the new flat screen TV is to be placed above the doors to the head

BEFORE: the new flat screen TV is to be placed above the doors to the head


BEFORE: with the old DVD removed, and the old radio above it.  Playstation above the radio.  (Seat removed)

BEFORE: with the old DVD removed, and the old radio above it. Playstation above the radio. (Seat removed)


Old Playstation. New CD/Radio New DVD player

Old Playstation.
New CD/Radio
New DVD player

All done - and the old TV still works for the Playstation

All done – and the old TV still works for the Playstation

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