2014 FEB – NEW HEAD (toilet)

My new head

My new head

For the non-nautical, the head is the toilet.

One morning I found that the head that had been working, had suddenly stopped working.  The pump pumped, but the flush did not happen.

I had been to the Newport Beach boat show some months before where they demonstrated the electric macerator head – and I had head envy.  However, the housing that contained the macerating mechanism was somewhat large.  Even their smallest version looked big.  Nevertheless I took a pamphlet and upon returning to the boat, I hunted for a space where I could secrete the housing.  But a trimaran has a shallow bilge and any other space is at a premium.  Darn – I was so longing for an electric macerator head.

So on finding that the head had finally given up the ghost, I was back to a manual head.  Off to West Marine and $545 later I had help lugging the ungainly box containing my shiny new head to the trunk of my car.  I stared at the box ruefully – I would never manage to manhandle that heavy thing into position on the boat.

I collected a day laborer nearby to Home Depot and took him back to the boat.  He seemed very dubious about working on a boat, and installing a head, but I had examined all the connectors and I knew what to do.  I just wasnt strong enough to do it alone.

Between the 2 of us we managed to manhandle the old loo out, and manhandle the new loo into position.  Voila!  and the flush flushes!


Raritan toilet —-  $441

Tools …………….   $18

Casual labor  —-  $100

TOTAL ———-   $559


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