2011 FEB – BAJA HAHA, Things To Do

Since I decided to make the HaHa in October, I better start prepping the boat for the ocean voyage.

I started a list and will check off () each item as I complete the task.  Or not .

1.     Replace the dinghy

2.     Move the wheels off my old dinghy onto my new dinghy

3.     Dinghy davits – make it a 3-threaded loop not 2 so that it is easier to haul up and down

4.     VHF antenna on the mast is not stable, wobbles – check the connections

5.     Pink paint – paint all my tools pink – they keep disappearing into others toolboxes?!!

6.     Get reefs into the mainsail – no ability to reef!

7.     Get lazy jacks or something similar for easy sail handling when dropping the main

8.     Get jack lines – would ordinary lines work?

9.     Remove the hard piece on the mainsail leech that hooks the topping lift

10.  Close the deck hole caused by the broken heater chimney

11.  Fix the fridge that doesn’t work on 12V power, works only on shore power (12 volt reefers drag the batteries down in no time.   Better to run the genset an hour or two per day)

12.  Un-pickle the water maker and test it.   Get spare filters, etc

13.  Buy large and small drogues for heavy weather

14.  4-stroke outboard engine base – replace the white board it is clamped onto – sun damaged

15.  Buy a fuel filter for the outboard gas

16.  Tie another line to the outboard to (double) prevent it falling in the sea (and for security use a SS stainless steel line so its not stolen)

17.  Find the bloody leak up front !!!!

18.  Replace the last hatch above the starboard bunk (not leaking but handle is broken)

19.  Replace the broken solar panel

20.  Relocate the solar panels from the starboard side to the roof over the cabin

21.  Replace the hot water heater

22.  Good Binoculars that let in 90% of light

23.  Start the generator, check it works – check it powers the boat – do thorough maintenance

24.  Buy new EPIRB

25.  Buy personal EPIRB

26.  Replace the anchor light, not working – get spare fuses (replace all lights with LED types.  Costly but 1/10th the power usage for the same light output).

27.  Change the engine oil.  Will synthetic oil work on diesel engines?  (Yes.  Most boaters use Delo 400 for diesel, get it at Costco)

28.  Wrap the exhaust to prevent burns

29.  Buy iPad for my Navionics suite of charts (backup to my onboard GPS and handheld GPS)

30.  Buy Cruising Guide to Mexico and beyond…..

31.  Buy Charts from Mexico to Panama (unlikely to make it to the Carib in 3 months)

32.  Figure out how to pump out at sea (currently only external pump out at a dock)

33.  Buy toilet tank monitor for empty/full holding tank levels

34.  Buy supplies/spares – 4200, 5400, duct tape, blue tape, oil, belts, gaskets, impellers, fuses

35.  Buy medicines in Los Angeles pharmacy   Find a doctor friend to get the stuff you really need, pharmacies won’t sell you powerful meds.  Get First Aid Afloat for a list.

36.  Buy rigging hacksaw to cut away rigging in emergency (or a cable cutter…much faster and very small).

37.  Buy 4-man life raft – do I need one for coastal cruising?  (Yes.  You can rent them or buy a used one off a former cruiser and have it repacked.)

38.  Get CA fishing license – learn to fish

39.  Do I need a MX fishing license?  YES!  Mexican police will seize your boat if they find fishing gear on board and no license, even if its never been used.  You need a license for everyone on board and for the boat.  It’s not uncommon for a local police chief to decide he wants your boat, and this is the most common way to get one.  And you must have Mexican Insurance as well as US insurance.

40.  Get MX boat insurance

41.  Net to catch the fish – check the port front lazarette, I think I have one

42.  Buy an electric winch – WinchRite to hoist up and down the mast – check its reviews on www

43.  Get Coastal Pilot   (I have one I think, check my bookcase)

44.  Get US insurance for International travel

45.  Check my flag box – I need one for each country from here to Panama

46.  Need a quarantine flag

47.  Hammock

48.  Non-skid on the (dock) steps to prevent Mom slipping

49.  Non-skid in front of the BBQ and over the engine cover – slippery surfaces

50.  Non-skid on starboard side by back spare anchor

51.  Cut away the white partitions at the end of the beds for extra storage – not load bearing??

52.  If there is money left over, enclose the cockpit for privacy and comfort

53.  Or Buy a shower curtain for the deck shower (Mom wont stand nude in the cockpit)

54.  Sew privacy curtains for each bed (Mom can do this when she arrives in SF)

55.  Auto-pilot overcorrects in following seas

56.  Buy floatable ditch bag

o      Get thermal blankets – those silver things (provides heat and protection from the sun)

o      Get freeze dried food

o      Get water pouches

o      Put flares in the ditch bag

o      Put official papers (passports, etc) + boat papers in the ditch bag

o      EPIRB in the ditch bag???

57.  Buy a guitar – learn to play it, it will provide solitary amusement

58.  Buy hypalon paint and paint zebra stripes on the dinghy – easy identification

59.  New microwave – leave in its box, store in starboard ama (I need the space for food storage).   Buy a marine-ized one because I cant easily plug and unplug it, and the cheap ones short thru the boat.

60.  Nightvision binoculars/FLIR monocular?  (you won’t find them very useful…once in a blue moon item.)

61.  Radio and DVD player don’t work – do I care?  I have my iPod and my laptop for movies? Correct




1.     Fasten the spice racks down

2.     Learn to bake bread

3.     Buy food supplies for 3 months – lots of food supplies

4.     Buy lots of non-slip rolls

5.     Buy lock-tite containers for the galley

6.     Buy thermos for keeping coffee hot on long nights

7.     Buy sprouts

Judging by this short galley list, it is obvious that my enthusiasm for the galley is minimal.


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