2010 June – Dinghy repairs

I wanted to spend a weekend in Sausalito going around the houseboats in my dinghy, but when I dropped it in the water I discovered that the transom piece had separated from the pontoon.  That’s not good.

What a schlepp to get the dinghy to the repair shop.  It has a fixed base so it wouldn’t roll up and fit into my car.

Eventually a boat owner with a truck agreed to drive me – and the dinghy – across the Bay to Alameda.

Sal’s Inflatables in Alameda quoted $230 to reglue the transom to the poontoon, so I paid the man and left the dinghy.

Fetching the dinghy was an equal pain in the neck.  The boat owner was away sailing in the Caribbean so I couldnt  use his truck.  And I didnt know anyone else with a truck.

Just when I decided that I would have to rent a U-haul, a friend of mine said she was sure it would fit into her hatchback.  And it did.

REPAIRS to dinghy        $230

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