2009 Sept – Painting the Topsides

SEPT 2009 – Painting the topsides

Bottom paint

The following was included in this item. We hauled out the vessel, pressure and solvent washed the hull bottom, applied one coat of antifouling bottom paint with two coats at the water line and launched your vessel. The bottom paint was applied with rollers and brushes.

NOTE 1: The bottom paint applied is Seahawk AF-33 (black) antifouling bottom paint.

Removal of additional marine growth, and sanding and spot priming of bare spots
In addition to the scope of work described above, we sanded and spot primed several bare areas on the hulls where primer was showing through the existing bottom paint. This was necessary to provide proper adhesion of the anti-fouling paint. Sanding and spot priming of
bare areas was charged on a time and materials basis. We did not provide a Change Order due to the work in this section not exceeding more than the ten man-hours labor re-authorized in the original work

Repaint the hull topsides and underneath the bridge deck
The vessel’s representative requested an estimated cost to repaint the hull topsides, underneath the bridge deck, and the bootstripes. We provided the vessel’s representative a verbal estimate of between $4,000.00 and $5,000.00. Later we received e-mail authorization to repaint these areas.

We tapped off the waterline and along the upper limit of the deck edge (approximately where the non-skid starts), and various hardware. Due to ease of removing two deck plates and four scuppers mounted on the undersides of the bridge deck, we removed them instead of tapping
them off.  We began sanding the above-described areas to remove the existing paint down to a solid substrate suitable for applying primer.  We found that the layer of paint below the outer layer was a poorly cured one-part paint similar to Latex. This inner layer of paint could
not be removed by normal sanding due to gumming up and burning the sand paper. We removed this layer of paint with a grinder, then sanded the areas with a soft pad to remove the swirls created by the grinder.

Filled and sanded flush approximately 12 small areas of dings or gouges. While performing this work, we noted a crack in the fiberglass skin on the outboard forward starboard deck edge, and cracks on the bow pulpit. We contacted the vessel’s representative regarding these
cracks. The vessel’s representative viewed these cracks and elected to not have us repair them prior to painting due to time and budgetary constraints. NOTE: These cracks will allow water intrusion and rot that will affect the structural integrity of the underlying wood.

Sprayed the prepared areas with primer. Sanded the primer and filled several additional areas near the repairs of the hull to bridge deck joints, and on the outboard side of the starboard hull. These areas were spot primed, sanded, and then the hull topsides was painted with Awlgrip “Snow White” L.P. paint.

Taped off, and painted the bootstripes Awlgrip “Pearl Grey”.

TOTAL COST of repairs and painting =  $7,558.63



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