2009 June – Rigging recalibrated

JUNE 2009 – Rigging recalibrated

Even though I had had the boat for 18 months I had never sailed it.  I always seemed to be going somewhere directly upwind so that it is impossible to sail, and I usually have a tight timeline so I dont have the time to tack back and forth up the coast.

However, the primary reason that I had not sailed the boat is because

(a)  the rigging was very loose and needed calibrating

(b)  the main halyard had issues; it was wire and breaking down

(c)  the main sheet was a very thick line and barely made it through the clutch, consequently if for any reason I wanted to throw off the mainsheet – it would not run.  So the main would stick in the clutch with perhaps disastrous consequences for the boat.

(d) the main channel is offset about 6 ft from the top of the mast, so the main wont go all the way to the top.

So finally I decided it was time to fix the rigging so that I could learn to sail my boat – finally.

The rigger is an avid racer, and cost conservative, so he put in some innovative solutions that would work well while also saving me money.

The following was done to the rigging:

1)  Shortened the backstay pendant from the mast head to the tri fitting that splits the BS to each of the aft amas’ chain plates to allow enough take-up to be able to tighten back stay.

2).  Replaced the failing wire main halyard with all rope

3).  Freed up the rusted sheeve at the mast head so it would spin.

4).  Replaced the main sheet so that it would be long enough to allow full deployment of the boom and to a smaller diameter line so that it would run better/freer thru the clutch.

5).  The standing rigging was tensioned to correct the rake of the mast.

Total Cost = $750


Picture 5

Picture 4


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