2009 Jan – New tranny & engine overhaul

Jan 2009 – New transmission, major engine overhaul

The transmission had failed in Ensenada and had a temporary (borrowed) transmission that needed to be replaced with the new transmission. Since the engine had to be removed to get at the transmission, it was decided to do a major overhaul on the engine at the same time.

The 40 hp Yanmar engine had 1200 hours on it at the time.

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The following list was done to the engine / transmission:

  1. The engine was hauled out and completely stripped down for a major overhaul.
  2. Engine painted a uniform brown.
  3. New transmission
  4. New transmission oil cooler
  5. New transmission oil cooler lines
  6. New fuel filter
  7. Water pump – new bearings, new cam, new power seals, new shaft
  8. New alternator belt and pump
  9. New raw water belt
  10. Alternator, new 105 amp
  11. New oil pressure sender
  12. Calibrated the gauges
  13. New temperature sender, and calibrated
  14. New oil sender, and calibrated
  15. New alarm sender
  16. New wiring
  17. New bilge pump for the engine room
  18. New engine alarm system for temperature and oil
  19. New solanoid for the glow plug
  20. Separate glow plug with starter switch
  21. All new hoses
  22. New clamps
  23. New oil filters
  24. New fuel filters
  25. New shaft saver coupling
  26. New motor mount bolt
  27. New lags and stringers (stainless steel)
  28. New heat exchanger
  29. New zinc
  30. New tachometer
  31. New volt meter
  32. New gaskets – full top set,
  33. New gear shift cable


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