2008 Aug – Painting the Deck


PAINTING THE DECK – all 800 sqft

Lots of prep work with all the stainless steel

Lots of prep work with all the stainless steel

When I bought the boat in Jan 2008 the owner said that he had prepped the deck for a paint job, but had not gotten around to doing it.

Besides the bad paint job (due to the prepping?) there were also (I thought) two small patches on the deck that I wanted re-glassed.

Also the deck did not have any non-slip and I had found that walking around on the wet deck when at sea had to be done carefully.

So in August 2008 I went ahead with the new paint job.

I did the following:

(a)  put down the non-slip

(b)  re-glassed the two thin patches

(c)  pulled out the 2 lazarettes in front where the marine surveyor said the glass showed moisture, and re-set them

(d) repainted the 41 x 22 ft deck

COST  $9,500

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