2008 JULY – The Miracle of Finding an End-Tie

At the dock in Long Beach

At the dock in Long Beach

Having bought the boat I set out to find an end-tie for my fat, 22ft wide, trimaran, while the boat languished in Ensenada. I hadnt realized that getting an end tie in Southern California is like finding hens teeth!

I got a list of all marinas in Marina Del Rey and started calling.  Most MdR marina owners laughed when I asked for an end-tie and pointed out that they had a waiting list of x-hundred people which meant I would reach the top of the waiting list in about 5 years!

After I had exhausted all MdR marinas I started on the Ventura list.  Same thing there.  Actually worse!  They had mostly a 7-year waiting list.  One marina owner said that if I paid him $10,000 as a down payment he would move me from his 7-year list to his 2-year list.  I declined the offer.

I extended my search up to Santa Barbara with no luck.

Then I turned my attention south again and started on the marinas from Long Beach to San Diego and left voicemail after voicemail for the marina managers.  I had been on the phone for about 5 hours hunting for an end-tie for my dream boat and had spoken to dozens and dozens of marinas.  I was losing hope.

I was on the San Diego list of marinas when I noticed a voicemail on my cell phone.  I listened and it was a call from a marina owner in Long Beach who said simply “Your slip is waiting for you” and left a call back number.

I was parked at the marina within 20 minutes putting down a deposit and securing a 60ft slip.  It was somewhat bigger than I needed for my 41ft trimaran but I wasnt about to pass it up.

The owner/manager said that the slip had been open for about 4 months and she had been inundated with calls asking to rent the slip.  And her husband insisted she rent the slip.  But she refused saying that she was keeping the slip open for someone particular.  Who? asked her husband.  “I dont know”, she reponded, “but I will know when they call”.

She said that when she heard my voicemail she called her husband first and declared, “I found the person for the end tie!”.  Then she called me.

Now that I had a slip I could schedule bringing my boat up from Mexico.

I loved that Long Beach slip.  It was in the main Cerritos Channel near the Henry Ford Bridge so there were huge container ships going back and forth, lots of tugs buzzing around, and recreation boats moving up and down the channel.  My favorite thing was to sleep on the boat Friday night and wake around 2:00am and pop my head out the hatch.  There was always something happening even at that time of the morning!  I would make a cup of coffee and sit out in the cockpit watching a MASSIVE container ship being shunted carefully and silently backwards by the tugs down the channel to the HFBridge and a temporary docking.

Or on the lazy summer afternoons I would treat myself to a BBQ on deck and watch the busy antics of the boats in the channel.  Or watch the boat parade as they waltzed past in a long stately line.

It was a fun place to keep the boat.  Lots of activities and things to watch.  I loved being down on my boat.

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